Going down to Vathi, after you have seen the long beach and been impressed by the view, keep an eye out for the sign on the left that reads Tsopos. Turn there and head downhill to the left part of the bay of Vathi, which is a bit separated from the main beach and joined to it by a path. Unfortunately there are not many parking spaces at this point so if you get there and can’t find parking, don’t be disappointed! There is another access to the spot, on foot, only requiring a leisurely stroll along the beach.

It’s very easy. You walk across the beach towards the left end of the bay. Just when you think it ends, it doesn’t! Look around and you’ll spot the path that starts with steps and continues dirt higher than sea level. You don’t particularly need shoes, but don’t go barefoot or you’ll get some hard time!

The route to the edge of the bay, where you will find one of the oldest working pottery workshops of Sifnos and a small sandy beach, is no more than 5′ – 10′. By the time you get there you will have passed two more small beaches also with sand. This part is one of the least crowded and one of the last to fill up at the peak of the tourist season, it has no shops and is very quiet.