Vathi (south) beach

A small beach south of the central beach of Vathi

On the left of the main beach of Vathy, you will find another two small, “hidden” beaches total length of 150m. In essence, it’s the continuation of the main beach towards the south, from which however are separated by rocks. Their location is unique. Completely detached and small, give the feeling to anyone who goes there, that are very remote, almost proprietary. They are linked to the main beach of Vathy with a trail of 150m starting from the southern end of the beach. One of the naturist options in Sifnos.

  • fine sand
  • access by car, bus, trail, boat
  • it has changing rooms, showers, toilets (at the central beach of Vathi)
  • cafe – restaurants (at the central beach of Vathi)
  • mini market (at the central beach of Vathi)
  • sea sports (at the central beach of Vathi)


Golden fine sand. At the edges of the beach there are high large rocks.


Fine sand for at least 50m and thereafter clumps of seaweed but with sufficient depth.